Mayahn Revitalizing Anti-Breaking Formula for Women
• Bridges chemically/ palmed hair with new natural growth preventing the chemicalled hair from breaking and falling.
• Revitalizes natural growth and strengthens hair body.
• Prevents tips from breaking even after leaving hair open for several weeks.
• Moisturizes scalp and enhances vital nutrients for retouched and natural hair.
• Adds volume and gives hair smooth silky sheen.
• Vitally reduces falling and breakage of retouched and natural hair.
• Keeps hair body full and healthy when kept natural or after retouch.
• Serves as hairfood and treatment for women hair.
• Serves as anti balding cream on women
This product is specifically developed for African Kinky Hair.
To achieve the best results, apply MAYAHN Revitalizing Anti-breaking Formula after every hair wash and when hair and/or scalp are dry.